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Iyengar Yoga In Horsham, West Sussex

Don’t Just ‘Do’ Yoga – ‘Learn’ Yoga!

Hello, I’m Anna Macedo, I teach Iyengar Yoga in Horsham, West Sussex and online – Private Yoga Classes in Horsham (One to One Yoga) and Yoga Workshops in Horsham & Brighton. If you are interested in Iyengar Yoga in Horsham, I teach Beginners Yoga Classes, Intermediate Yoga Classes, General Yoga Classes, Small Group Yoga & Yoga workshops.  I teach One to One Yoga Online via FaceTime, Skype (and Zoom). Online Yoga has been very popular because it is more convenient for my students, so I will continue to offer this option in the future. Online Yoga means that I can teach anyone no matter where they are in the world as long as they have broadband; with a one to one I’m able to see the student perfectly.

About Iyengar Yoga In Horsham, West Sussex

I currently teach Online Yoga via Skype or FaceTime (and Zoom) for private sessions. Iyengar Yoga is one particular type of Hatha Yoga (Hatha Yoga covers all types of physical Yoga). Iyengar Yoga is where we learn in-depth on how to do the poses safely to bring about maximum benefits. This can be effectively done online if the teacher can clearly see the student and offer verbal adjustments; which is why I prefer to teach it one to one, or to couples. You can find out more about Iyengar Yoga here.

Iyengar Yoga has many wellbeing benefits which improve spiritual awareness and health. Some people are primarily attracted to Yoga’s spiritual side. Yoga can help with all sorts of health problems, from asthma to lower back pain, stress and depression. It can be a great way to relieve stress, build strength and gain flexibility. Iyengar Yoga wellbeing benefits include: Reduces stress, aids deep sleep, helps balance moods, reduces muscular tension, improves bone strength, balances blood pressure, boosts the immune system, reduces menopausal symptoms, helps with back and hip pain, reduces neck and shoulder pain, reduces anxiety and depression and improves spiritual awareness.

Contact Me About Iyengar Yoga In Horsham, West Sussex

One to One Yoga Lessons (face-to-face or online) cost £30 for 45 minutes, £40 per hour, £60 for 90 minutes. You may be interested in a Bespoke Yoga Exercise Plan which I provide on a Pinterest Board. The price is £30 for approximately 12 poses.

Whatever your motivation, one of the first things you’ve got to think about is where to begin: what kind of Yoga and which teacher? I hope this website can help you decide.

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