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One To One Yoga And Yoga Classes Testimonials

I have been teaching Iyengar Yoga to students since 1998. I teach Iyengar Yoga, including One to One Iyengar Yoga and Iyengar Yoga Classes in Hove, Brighton, Horsham, Sussex, East Sussex and West Sussex. The Iyengar Yoga Classes have occurred in London, Worthing, Brighton, Hove and Horsham. I have previously lived in Worthing and Horsham and am relocating to Hove. I have collated several Yoga Testimonials you may be interested in reading; please see below. Please click here for Anna Macedo Yoga reviews on Google.

Testimonials For One To One Yoga And Yoga Classes

Just wanted to say how good I felt after my yoga practice with you today. Sorry but I was not really looking forward to the session as I felt particularly tired mentally and physically after a busy week and didn’t want to stress my body any further and as you know I never find yoga ‘easy’ with my shoulder problems and general stiffness. However, you assisted and eased me into positions to give me a feel ‘for what other people experience’ and it really seemed to do the trick. I left you to go to a meeting and as I was driving was aware just how revitalised and refreshed I felt. It kept with me all day, I felt as if a load had been lifted off my shoulders and I definitely had a spring in my step! Thanks for making me feel so fantastic and I guess the moral of the story is never to stop practicing yoga however one feels at the time. Sally x

Sally, Worthing
Dear Anna, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop you gave at The Iyengar Yoga Studio in East Finchley on Saturday. You constructed the class very well, so that the postures all followed on very naturally from each other, everything was clear, both from your demonstrations and verbal explanations and instructions, and you created a very relaxed and warm atmosphere. I’m a fellow teacher, at introductory level, and I teach an over-50s class. My students would love your teaching as everything would be within their grasp, and they would revitalised rather than exhausted by the end of the class. As an older student and teacher I very much appreciated leaving your workshop feeling stretched and at the same time calm, relaxed and happy.
Diane, London
I get bored easily and have never managed to stick with an activity for more than a couple of sessions, but I actually look forward to yoga with Anna! Part of the appeal is the balance of the lessons: there’s an emphasis on mindfulness and relaxation as well as on increasing physical strength. I also love that there is no pressure in terms of ability, Anna understands that all bodies are different and will tailor each exercise to our individual needs. Over the weeks I’ve felt fitter, stronger, slimmer and more relaxed – not to mention happy that I’ve found a type of exercise I actively enjoy!
Isabelle, 24

I have found the classes energizing and helps to keep joints supple. Each yoga position is clearly explained before we do them which is very helpful. The classes are friendly and non competitive.
Sue, Hove

Fantastic and thorough tuition, Anna has the experience and qualifications to provide enjoyable and rewarding Iyengar yoga sessions. I look forward to my classes once a week, my posture and flexibility is improving constantly. Highly recommend.
Charles, Sussex
When I owned a PR company I employed Anna to host a weekly one hour yoga session for the staff, this was a great for team bonding and relaxing after work. The employees loved the classes as Anna is an excellent teacher for beginners – explaining the techniques in an easy way. Anna has also taught me Iyengar yoga on a one to one basis at home which was amazing.
Tanya, North London

I have really looked forward to the weekly yoga classes with Anna. The classes are tailored to the level of everyone in the class and there is so much individual attention. The atmosphere in class is very calming and Anna has a great way of demonstrating the poses first and giving straight-forward instructions in order for us to recreate them. Our poses are often adjusted and corrected to ensure they are being correctly practised so we get maximum benefit. I feel more flexible and relaxed than before and really find myself counting down the days to the next class. Highly recommended!”
Tessa, Hove

I’m nearly 60 and started yoga at 56, figuring if I didn’t straighten up and strengthen my creaking parts now, I’d seize up or, worse, have a humpty-dumpty fall. I diligently went through the motions with teachers of various schools of yoga/‘yogalates’ but I really ‘clicked’ with the Iyengar approach to the sutras and Anna’s style of teaching from my first encounter 3 years ago. After a term in her group I gave myself the present of 10 individual sessions with her alongside my weekly (now twice weekly) group classes. Individual yoga with Anna is inspiring. She plans poses suitable for your form and your strengths and weaknesses;this way you’ll progress by leaps and bounds! Asked what it’s like working with her, I say, “Marvellous. She’s an unfailingly, wholly authentic mentor – just be there!” Anna brings you to understand the process and practice of yoga better by consistently demonstrating and talking-through to remind you of proper technique in the poses. She’s happy to show how her use of yoga has mended her, and that weak points always need addressing to maintain and build on good posture and continuing health. I find this encouraging. When I work through a series of poses there will be always be something to discover, something challenging to push me on and I have Anna’s voice steadily reminding me where I need to focus; a true voice, which I am internalising so as to remember the poses alone. She wears her high-level status and qualifications lightly so you’ll find wit and humour in her sessions along
with mindfulness and wisdom while you’re re-introduced to – reconnected with – the best balanced being you can be! And that is a pretty good feeling – especially at this age.’
Charlotte A, Worthing

Anna is a fantastic yoga teacher, very knowledgeable and listens carefully & caters to people’s individual needs. I highly recommend trying her classes!
Becky Aragona

Anna has given my husband, sons and I a real love of yoga. Her teaching gives you confidence and knowledge in how and what your body can/could do. Always welcoming and puts you at ease. Totally helped with sciatica, lower back problems, posture, stress levels and over all well being. Still learning so much after 4 years. Reasonable rates too.
Bev Corrigan

Brilliant classes, you really learn!
Zandra Spencer

Best yoga lesson I’ve ever had
Georgina Hall

I love going to Anna’s yoga classes every week. I’m learning so much about what my body can and cant currently do. Anna helps when needed and offers excellent advice to all levels in the class. A great yoga teacher
Joanne Burkett
Me and Leni Look forward to every Tuesday, such a welcome relief from work and we are learning so much. Anna is so informative and hands on, shame we can’t go every night:)
Laura Tapper