Iyengar Yoga in Horsham, West Sussex

Don’t just ‘do’ Yoga- ‘learn’ Yoga! 


The term “Hatha Yoga” covers all physical Yoga- Iyengar Yoga is one particular type of Hatha Yoga – where we learn in depth how to do the poses safely to bring about maximum benefits. 

Yoga can help with all sorts of health problems- from asthma to lower back pain, stress and depression.    It can be a great way to relieve stress, build strength and gain flexibility.

Some people are primarily attracted to Yoga’s spiritual side.  Whatever your motivation, one of the first things you’ve got to think about is where to begin:  what kind of Yoga and which teacher?

I hope this site can help you decide.

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Looking to deepen your practice?

You could consider private Yoga tuition at a time and pace to suit your individual needs.

I have been teaching Iyengar Yoga since 1997 so I can help experienced students improve their practice too.  In my classes I give each student personalised tips to challenge their habitual ways of working.  I have studied with the Iyengar family in Pune, India.  Many Yoga teachers have attended my classes for their own professional development. My personal areas of interest are Restorative yoga and Pranayama.  I currently teach Iyengar yoga in West Sussex and yoga workshops and yoga classes in Horsham, West Sussex.

I have a BA (Hons), a PGCE ,  I was a university lecturer in Education.  I am qualified at Junior Intermediate level 3.  This represents more than 1,000 hours formal training.  If I were to include attendance at workshops and home study, it would be tens of thousands of hours.

Affiliation(s) with Accrediting Organisation: I am a member of the IY (UK).  I have been a member of the IY(UK) Executive Council and continue to be actively involved in the Yoga community.  I hold the Iyengar Certification Mark and am fully insured through the IY(UK).

I am a REPS (register of exercise professionals) level 3 instructor.

I teach the following: general Yoga classes, beginners Yoga classes, intermediate Yoga classes, one to one Yoga, small group Yoga, children’s Yoga, school visits, post-natal Yoga and corporate classes.

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