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I am very passionate about Iyengar Yoga and passing on my knowledge to others. If you are interested in keeping up to date on Iyengar Yoga, you might find my Yoga Blog Posts interesting. I cover a range of subject matters which include Yoga Health Benefits, Yoga Tips, Yoga Improvements and more. You can read my Yoga Blog Posts below.

Chair yoga for back pain

I was looking on Pinterest for great pictures of chair yoga for back pain to share with my students.  But I couldn’t find the method I was looking for.  It’s one of the simplest, yet [...]

  • Yoga poses to practice at home

Yoga poses to practice at home

During lockdown I’ve been asked by my students which are the best Yoga poses to practice at home ?                           Many people do [...]

  • How Yoga can help insomnia

How Yoga can help Insomnia

In the UK doctors are seeing more and more patients complaining about insomnia.  Unfortunately, there is very little that modern medicine can do to help, except offer sleeping tablets, which only have a short term [...]

  • Yoga workshops in horsham

Iyengar Yoga workshops in Horsham

In 2019 all my Iyengar Yoga workshops in Horsham sold out! So I am running more workshops on Saturday afternoons in 2020- almost one per month. The venue is still the lovely Tythe barn on [...]

  • Yoga videos for home practice

Yoga videos for home practice

I’ve often been asked whether there are any good Yoga videos for home practice. I do feel that it’s still true that getting to Yoga class is the best way to learn- a well trained [...]

  • benefits of one to one yoga

Benefits of One to One Yoga

Now my yoga classes in Horsham have a short break between terms you may wonder about the Benefits of One to One Yoga. Some of the students from my group classes need encouragement to practice [...]

  • Yoga for sports

Yoga for Sports

Iyengar Yoga for Sports People I was prompted to write this blog post by this article on sports people who find Yoga beneficial: Iyengar Yoga is renowned as a safe way of working, partly [...]

  • home yoga practice tips

Home Yoga practice tips

As my Yoga classes in Horsham break for two weeks I thought it might be a good time to offer some home Yoga practice tips. Make time to practice: it's hard with our busy lives, [...]

  • is yoga enough

Is Yoga enough

Is Yoga enough on its own or do you need to add something like running or swimming to make it a complete exercise program? For a start, there is a problem with this question: Yoga is [...]

  • one-to-one-yoga-image

What Yoga equipment?

What yoga equipment to buy? Iyengar Yoga is known for many things, one of which is its use of equipment, known as 'props'. What Yoga equipment do you really need? what yoga equipment [...]

  • yoga for children and teenagers

Yoga for children and teenagers

Modern life can be stressful for all of us- and that includes children.  Yoga is a great way to help cope with these stresses- physical and emotional.  It is generally agreed that at around the [...]

  • still haven't tried Yoga yet

Still haven’t tried Yoga?

An interesting short article from Harvard medical school about the spread of Yoga in the US and why many people still haven't tried Yoga yet: It is interesting to note that even though most [...]

  • UK yoga blog medal

My Yoga blog in the UK top 100

I was extremely surprised to find my yoga blog in the UK top 100! I have no idea who decides on these things, and other entrants seem to post many times a week- as compared to [...]

  • one to one yoga private yoga tuition

Coming to your first Yoga class

Worried about coming to your first yoga class?   I see new students' faces looking very worried indeed!  This blog post might help you know what to expect in class and to therefore be less concerned..... At [...]

  • what yoga equipment

Improvers Yoga class

I teach a Wednesday 7pm "improvers yoga class" in Horsham.  But who is it aimed at? What exactly is an 'improver'? In Iyengar yoga we have clear ways to introduce people to yoga asanas (poses) [...]

  • justdontcallityogaimage

Just don’t call it Yoga

There seem to be a lot of different types of Yoga out there- it can be very confusing.   For people new to Yoga it can be especially confusing.  Spaces are springing up in cities kitted [...]

  • home yoga practice tips

Vinyasa is part of Iyengar Yoga

For a start, what does 'Vinyasa' mean? Its definition is 'a method of yoga in which vinyasa movements form a flowing sequence in coordination with the breath'.  In India this 'flowing sequence' was used as [...]

  • Yoga workshops in horsham

Yoga workshops in Horsham

I teach regular Iyengar Yoga workshops in Horsham, West Sussex at the lovely Tudor Tythe Barn on Pondtail road.   These are on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I have been teaching Yoga workshops for about 20 [...]

  • coming to your first yoga class

Why I love teaching beginners Yoga

Every new term they come, looking very worried!  The new students that have never tried Yoga before, and are really scared about what let may have let themselves in for.... I look forward to meeting new [...]

  • Why don't we listen to music in Yoga class?

Why don’t we listen to music in Yoga class?

After all, you can buy lots of CDs and MP3s that say they are designed for Yoga practice.  So why don't we listen to music in Yoga class?  You won't you find them being played [...]