I’m still being asked whether there are any good online Yoga videos that I recommend.

I do feel that it’s still true that getting to Yoga class is the best way to learn – a well trained teacher can observe you, offer advice and suggestions.  This could be in a group class or in individual tuition.  Iyengar Yoga teachers are also trained how to perform physical adjustments if necessary.

However, due to Corona virus restrictions a good online yoga video can be really helpful.  As modern life becomes busier and people have to travel more for work,
online yoga videos may be a way to help people achieve an effective home practice. A video can be viewed at a time to suit you, unlike a zoom class.

I spent many hours on you tube watching all types of Yoga videos- many of them with teachers that looked like models, practicing on beautiful beaches, often accompanied by lovely music.

Unfortunately, the actual level of instruction in these videos was simply not of a standard that I could recommend to my students. The majority are demonstration only, will very little instruction, or suggestions for the less able.

Twenty three years experience of teaching Iyengar Yoga has given me an idea of what students need- clear instructions and being shown exactly what to do, step by step.

So, one I have been able to find that meets these criteria is “Yoga Vastu”.

Yoga videos for home practice

It is an online yoga platform that creates personalised Iyengar Yoga resources, including videos, for home practice.  It also really helps that the teacher uses a student, rather than performing the poses the self.


Founded by senior Iyengar Yoga teacher Pixie Lillas from Balmain Iyengar Yoga Studio in Australia, Yoga Vastu provides guidance to help you practice yoga at home and can you can tailor your learning to a pace that suits you.

There are practice sheets you can download (for free) and well researched articles all about the benefits of Iyengar Yoga.

It is a paid for service (currently costing about £9 a month), but there is a 14 day free trial that you can sample first.

I would still always recommend that a student attends regular Iyengar Yoga classes (or receives one to one tuition if they prefer), so that a teacher can see them face to face at some point.

But when that’s simply not possible, the online yoga videos that Yoga Vastu provide, looks like a great alternative.  There is a comprehensive beginners programme, so a new student with no experience could start using the website. Yoga Vastu https://yogavastu.com/