One to one yogaOver the 25 years that I’ve been teaching Iyengar Yoga, I have gradually come to realise that my personal preference is teaching bespoke Yoga sessions to meet people’s individual needs- it’s really very rewarding.   So I have decided to write a blog post about the Benefits of Private One to One Yoga classes.

I have the higher level qualification (level 3)  in the Iyengar Yoga system that is required to teach one to one Yoga classes. Not all Certified teachers have this, as it requires many years of additional study.

The Benefits of Private One to One Yoga classes are sessions carefully tailored to meet your individual needs.  For example, if you suffer from hip pain or back pain I can choose ways to work that will specifically target that area.  Working individually can help diagnose a wide range of issues that may simply not get noticed in a class environment.  Then an individual adjustment can be made or suggested, that make a pose far more beneficial.  That’s when real progress can be made.

Students tell me that some of the Benefits of Private One to One Yoga are: they feel more confident to practice on their own, they felt prepared to join a group class, they were able to go on a Yoga holiday, they had achieved greater core strength, their health issues had significantly improved or even disappeared.

I have taught one to one yoga to people who had been signed off from work due to sickness, stress and ill health. This number has grown in the UK population significantly. See the graph for numbers affected:Benefits of private one to one yoga

Thanks to carefully planned bespoke yoga sessions they have begun to feel better and gradually been able to go back to work. This has been extremely beneficial to their mental health.  Likewise, with people suffering from anxiety and depression, the Benefits of One to One Yoga can be the individual attention- and learning that while certain poses are recommended , there are others that are best avoided.

For many of us, Pranayama (yogic breathing) can be the most challenging part of a Yoga class.  It also can have the most profound affect. In a group environment, it can be hard to fully concentrate on the breath, or there may not be enough time for teachers to even cover it.  Working individually many people feel they can achieve a much deeper sense of relaxation.

I ask students to fill out a comprehensive health questionnaire in advance of our first session. I ask whether students want to be taught certain breathing techniques or not. So each session really is designed to meet your specific needs.

I currently teach about half of my one to one sessions online using FaceTime or Skype, where I can really focus clearly on one individual.  These sessions start at £30. I also travel to students homes in East & West Sussex, especially the Horsham & Hove areas. These sessions start at £70.  I can bring all of the equipment with me so you don’t need to buy anything.

You’re welcome to try a one-off private one to one yoga session- there’s no need to commit to more unless you want to, so please feel free to email me if you’d like to start- [email protected]