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I teach One to One Yoga in Horsham and Yoga Classes in Horsham (Day Yoga Classes, Evening Yoga Classes, Weekend Yoga Classes and Yoga Workshops). I have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the Private Yoga Sessions and Yoga Classes which I hope you will find useful. If your question is not answered here please feel free to click here to contact me.

One to One Yoga in Horsham and Yoga Classes in Horsham FAQs

Iyengar Yoga FAQs

All physical Yoga comes under the umbrella ‘Hatha Yoga’ which translates as the ‘Yoga of Effort’. Some Hatha Yoga can be floor-based- where there is a lot of breathwork and relaxation. Some Hatha Yoga can involve non-stop movement – with the same poses done in every class. But in Iyengar Yoga, we vary both the poses and the pace. We help students to do their best – and to improve – by paying attention – and remembering what they are being taught; in this way, Iyengar Yoga is a type of mindfulness – meditation in motion.

Iyengar Yoga has many wellbeing benefits which improve spiritual awareness and health. Some people are primarily attracted to Yoga’s spiritual side. Yoga can help with all sorts of health problems, from asthma to lower back pain, stress and depression. It can be a great way to relieve stress, build strength and gain flexibility. Iyengar Yoga wellbeing benefits include:

Reduces stress, aids deep sleep, helps balance moods, reduces muscular tension, improves bone strength, balances blood pressure, boosts the immune system, reduces menopausal symptoms, helps with back and hip pain, reduces neck and shoulder pain, reduces anxiety and depression and improves spiritual awareness.

No, Yoga is not a religion; rather it is a practical philosophy. People of all religious backgrounds use Yoga practices to help them in their lives. Chanting is not an essential part of Yoga practice. In some of my classes, we do chant 3 ‘OMs’ at the beginning, you do not have to join in. To be meaningful it is best if chants are understood and their pronunciation needs to be correct.

I am available via email, and before every class, to discuss any issues you may have.

One To One Yoga And Online Yoga FAQs

Yes, I do. Working one to one can accelerate learning and meet your individual needs. You can choose a time convenient for you, at the pace you require, the cost (from £40 per hour or £60 for 90 minutes) varies depending on time and location. I can teach you online via Skype or FaceTime or face to face.

Prices are from £40 per hour or £60 for 90 minutes which may vary depending on time and location. I can teach you online via Skype or FaceTime or face to face.

No, I am qualified and insured to teach one to one students, at any level, anywhere in the world.

No, I am qualified and insured to teach one to one students, at any level, anywhere in the world which I can do online via Skype or FaceTime.

A sticky mat, at least 4 yoga blocks (not bricks), a small blanket (or towel) and a chair without arms. You can also buy ‘Iyengar yoga kits’ online eg from

No, a closed door with space in front of it – to be able to lie down – is enough. An extra bit of wall space is always handy though.

Yes, you can, but it would be better to use a tablet or laptop screen so you can see me more easily.

I will normally FaceTime or Skype you 5 minutes before our session is due to start.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad then our session is the same as having a video call using FaceTime. No passwords, no login, it’s that easy! If you do not have an Apple device then we can use Skype, which is free, and we can connect in advance of the session (with a quick ‘wave’), to ensure we have found each other.

These links may be helpful

You can place it on the floor, a desk, a bed, wherever works best for you. If you turn on your device you should be able to see yourself. You can then check your whole mat can be seen on the screen.  You may want your device near a plug socket if it needs charging.

Yes, I create a Bespoke Yoga Exercise Plan which I provide on a Pinterest Board. The price is £30 for approximately 12 poses. I can update this as you improve or your requirements change.

Iyengar Yoga Classes FAQs

The beginners course is the most gentle class, anyone can join, you don’t have to be a beginner.  The Monday lunchtime class is mixed ability and therefore slightly more challenging than the beginners course.  In some of the 90 minute classes we work in more depth, and on more difficult poses.  To join the 90 minute classes you need to have done at least one year of Iyengar Yoga.  In beginners courses we work more slowly and repeat poses more. All classes will include poses to warm up, then the sequence always changes.  All classes end with some breath work and relaxation.

The Monday 12.30 and Wednesday 5.45 yoga courses are suitable for beginners.  However, the 7pm improvers course is for those who have done at least a year of Iyengar yoga. This can be with any certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, at any time.

Please go to my yoga classes page and click on the appropriate paypal button. You do not need to have a paypal account for this to work. You may need to scroll down to see the shopping cart. Current students are welcome to pay in cash or by cheque in class to ensure they reserve a place.  Sorry, I can’t ‘save’ spaces; they are allotted on a first come first served basis

If you cancel BEFORE a course has started AND I am able to fill your space, I will offer a full refund. Sorry but once a course has started, it is too late to get a refund as your space cannot be filled.

It is best to sign up for a 5 week yoga course even if you may miss one or two classes.  If you prefer, wait until the next course when you feel you can commit to a whole 5 weeks.

Yes my Monday lunchtime yoga class in Horsham allows drop in students to attend but only if there are still spaces, so please check the ‘Classes’ page

Over many years I have tried this, and it does not work well- it is not good for the rest of the class to have new people coming and going, and it is not good for the friend as they don’t get a rounded experience.  I try to create the best learning environment for everyone, so your space is reserved just for you.

Yes you can come to my Monday lunchtime drop in class (if spaces are available).  If you can only do evenings then it will be necessary to book for 5 weeks.  As no two classes are ever the same it will give you a more rounded experience of Iyengar yoga.

Sorry, to be fair to everyone, all spaces are on a first come first served basis and only payment secures your booking.

Please do not walk into the room while we are seated with the eyes closed.  Once we are moving you are welcome to come in late, I can advise you what poses you need to do to catch up.

The beauty of Iyengar Yoga is that the same pose taught in a careful way can challenge more experienced students.  Other Yoga teachers and trainees often attend my  Wednesday 7pm classes.  I also teach 3 hour yoga workshops where we can work in more depth.

No two Iyengar Yoga classes are ever the same.  So the pace can vary from fast to slow.  A wide range of poses and breathing techniques will be covered.

If you are worried you should check with your GP.  I do ask all new students to fill out a health form before attending class.  Please email me for one or arrive ten minutes early to fill one out.  There are a few serious health issues that mean you should not come to a general yoga class.  You may like to have a few one to one sessions before joining a course.

As Yoga is different from other forms of exercise you will not need to drink- it is not recommended.  Sometimes this is a hard habit to break and I do not forbid it.

Yoga is practiced with bare feet for more information read my post:

To start with you do not need to bring anything.  However many people prefer to have their own mat (TK Max sell thin sticky mats for around £10).  If you eventually go on to want your own blocks and belts you can buy them through me.  A small blanket can also be useful.

It is best to roll over onto your side and curl up in the foetal position.  You do not need to leave the class unless you really want to.  If you think you may cough/sneeze you may want to use higher props for relaxation.