Have you ever wondered in yoga classes-what to wear?

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Nowadays there are a lot of companies set up trying to sell you all sorts of ‘yoga wear’ that you don’t really need.

Yoga classes should be welcoming places where fashion is not important.

New students ask me before coming to their first yoga classes-what to wear?

In my opinion, there are four things that you might like to consider:

i) Are you comfortable and can you move freely?  A lot of the trendy ‘yoga wear’ is so tight is actually restricts your ability to move.  Likewise, regular trousers or jeans are too tight to allow free movement.

ii) Is your clothing protecting your modesty?   What I mean by this is; is it likely to become see-through when stretched to its maximum width?  Those leggings look opaque across our knees but may be transparent across our bums!  Or are you showing a lot of skin?  This could make fellow students feel uncomfortable.  The teacher may be less likely to adjust you if they have to touch bare skin.  In Iyengar Yoga, we believe one should be dressed modestly.

iii) If you sweat will your clothing absorb it?  It is better to wear a T-shirt rather than a vest or strappy top.  That way, your t-shirt absorbs any sweat -rather than you dripping it over the floor,  onto your mat, or over your neighbours!

iv) Can your teacher see what your body is doing?  It is really helpful for a teacher to be able to see what your body is doing under the fabric.  For example, to see what the leg muscles are doing, which is why a lot of us wear tight leggings or tight shorts, rather than baggy ones when coming to class.

I hope this answers the question: yoga classes-what to wear? To see my latest yoga classes and workshops are booked via my website: https://annamacedoyoga.com/yoga-classes/