One to One Yoga in Horsham, West Sussex

I teach Private Yoga Lessons, Private Yoga Tuition, One to One Yoga in Horsham.

This is not just for busy executives that can’t find time to get to a yoga class. I teach One to One Yoga in Horsham to retired people and busy mums in the comfort of their own home, at a time to suit them.

Bespoke Yoga Lessons are ideal for existing students that attend my Yoga Classes in Horsham who require additional practice.

There can be certain health issues where a student needs individual attention. I also teach yoga to couples which can be easier than two people trying to attend a regular class.

I teach yoga for beginners through to those more experienced and can tailor my Private Yoga Sessions accordingly.

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Why Try One to One Yoga?

Perhaps you are curious to try Iyengar Yoga? Perhaps you don’t have time to get to a regular yoga class? Even if you do, in a class situation the teacher can only spend so much time helping each student. Perhaps you are would like to learn the basics before coming to your first class. You may feel you have questions or issues that would benefit from more attention. It is possible to progress more quickly when a teacher is giving you individual advice and adjustments in a Private Yoga Session. There can be many personal reasons a person prefers One to One Yoga and Private Yoga Tuition.

One to One Yoga Lesson Benefits

In between term time, when we take a break for Yoga Classes, it can be hard to keep up a home practice. When we break for the summer it could be 8 or 9 weeks with no yoga! So booking One to One Yoga Sessions with me can help to keep you on track. A One to One Yoga Lesson helps me find out a lot more about how a student’s body works when looking at just one individual.

How to Arrange Your One to One Yoga in Horsham, West Sussex

You can try just one session of private tuition so there’s no need to commit to more. Sessions can be arranged to be on an ad hoc basis, or regularly if you prefer. I teach in or near to Horsham, West Sussex , UK.  Prices start from £40- depending on any extra travelling time. New students are welcome to email me on If you are interested in taking group classes please have a look at my Yoga Classes page.