Starting in 2024, I will be offering One to one private yoga classes in Hove, East Sussex on Thursdays. This in addition to my Hove workshops which are held on Sunday afternoons.

I teach one to one yoga to people who have never even been to a group yoga class.  I also teach people on an ad hoc basis when their regular class stops for the summer.  You may have issues that mean you would struggle to cope in a group class setting.  Some students use a private yoga session to enhance their own home practice.  Others know that without our sessions, they’d never actually do any yoga at all!

Whatever your motivation a bespoke class can have wide ranging benefits.  I ask new students to fill out a comprehensive health questionnaire before I plan our first session.  When I see how your body moves I can then adapt poses as required.  The plan will progress over time as required, so no two sessions will ever be exactly the same.  If you are trying to manage pain, we will address that first.  Having the session in the comfort of your own home can also make a big difference.  No need to wrap up warm for a drive home that can potentially undo some of your hard work.

In a class setting it’s just not possible for a teacher to give each student the attention they require to correct their posture, for example.  One to one I can use props like belts, blocks and even chairs, to make a huge difference to how we work in a pose.  Iyengar yoga has a focus on alignment using props to help us, and I like to explain the key actions in each pose.
A one to one private yoga session

If you’d like to book a one to one yoga session in Brighton or Hove please email me on [email protected]