Modern life can be stressful for all of us- and that includes children.  Yoga is a great way to help cope with these stresses- physical and emotional.  It is generally agreed that at around the age of 7 children are able to concentrate enough to take part in a yoga class- it has to be fast-moving though to keep their attention.  Any younger than this and the classes are generally more like dancing – ‘mindful movement’- which can be great fun, but not technically Yoga.  Many schools and colleges have put Yoga for children and teenagers on the timetable as they can be a great way to engage those who are not ‘sporty’ in some sort of physical activity.

We may want our child or teenager to start Yoga- but perhaps they are less than enthusiastic.   In that case, I’d advise against trying to force them to take part.  My teenage son in this photograph would never agree to come to one of my group classes- yet he is prepared to do Dhanurasana (the bow) when his back hurts!  He refuses to take his jeans off, but repeated 3 times it does him a world of good (and takes less than 30 seconds to perform)!

I teach yoga for children and teenagers- sometimes in family groups in their own homes.  Children aged 12 or over are welcome to come to any of my classes or workshops, with a parent or guardian.  I also teach Yoga workshops in Horsham, Yoga classes in Horsham & one to one Yoga in Horsham.