Worried about coming to your first yoga class?   I see new students’ faces looking very worried indeed!  This blog post might help you know what to expect in class and to therefore be less concerned….. At the start of each new term, we often have someone come for their first-ever yoga class.  Remember- we’ve all been beginners, and many of us still are.

coming to your first yoga class

For the beginner’s course, it can be nine or ten people all new to Yoga coming together.  It can be worrying for them all, not knowing what to expect.  When you first arrive- look for the shoes!  We leave them in one place so we don’t create a mess on the newly swept floor!  Make sure your phone is turned off (or on silent) and left in your jacket or bag.  Keep a warm layer on for the first part of the class- you can remove it once you’ve warmed up.

The beauty of Iyengar Yoga is that you will be shown exactly what to do- I demonstrate everything while you watch….then you copy it.  Simple!  Unlike some classes where students have to struggle to simply keep up with the teacher doing their own practice at the front, I’m here to help with clear demonstrations and adjustments.   If you’d rather not be adjusted then just let me know.  Worried you won’t be able to actually do any of the poses?  Don’t worry we start with very simple actions and use props to help us ( a belt if we can’t reach with our hand, for example).

At one point you may feel the poses have become quite intense- that is considered a good thing!  at that point, we lie down in a restorative pose (put your warm layer back on for this bit)!  Finally we end with Savasana (corpse pose) where we relax completely.  No two classes are ever the same- yet you should always leave feeling both energised and relaxed!  …

I have a ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘ page which will answer a lot more questions about what to expect when coming to your first Yoga class.

So there really is no need to worry about coming to your first yoga class!