• teaching Yoga online during Corona lockdown

Teaching Yoga Online during Corona virus lockdown 

As I’m writing this post we in the UK are in lockdown due to Corona virus.  Beforehand, I was teaching Iyengar Yoga to hundreds of people every year.  Many of us are now self-isolating.
Even if we are going out for essentials, most of us are now staying at home a lot more than we did.
I have found that organising my day to be helpful.  This can be quite flexible, but a basic routine can really help maintain normality.
For stress and insomnia, making sure we always get up by a certain time, and go to bed by a certain time can help regulate the bodies hormonal and emotional systems.
Personally, I like a short list of jobs to get done every day.  This doesn’t have to be a rigid timetable at all.
I also make sure my weekends are different- while I stick to the same basic routine, I try to avoid working if possible, and allow much more time to relax and do hobbies.
Many of us are now finding more time to exercise – if only we could be bothered to actually do it!  Even if we’re able to get outdoors at the moment, exercising outdoors is limited in times of lockdown.
However, with Yoga in the privacy of our own homes, the possibilities are unlimited.  My advice is to put aside one hour of your day for your Yoga practice.  This could be looking at a practice sequence from a book, one of my homework sheets, or with online assistance.
There are now lots of people teaching Yoga Online during Corona virus lockdown.   
There’s no need for the teacher to see you – you can look at free videos – this suits many people.  Perhaps you’d still like a group interactive experience?  Again, there are thousands of teachers offering zoom classes, where the teacher can see dozens of postage stamp students on their screen.
An online service I recommend with a 14 day free trial is https://yogavastu.com/
My personal preference is to teach individuals online rather than groups.  There are many benefits: I have a large, clear image to look at, I can watch the student very carefully, I can see what they are really doing, they can also get live feedback from me,  I can suggest specific use of props where appropriate, I can offer personalised verbal adjustments.
Here’s an image I took of one of my students during an online one to one Yoga session.
You can see how nice and clear the student can be seen on the screen, using either Skype or Facetime.  As with all my one to ones, I design a bespoke session to meet students’ individuals needs.
Teaching Yoga Online during Coronavirus lockdown has been so effective some students have asked to continue online even after lockdown ends!