Now my yoga classes in Horsham have a short break between terms you may wonder about the Benefits of One to One Yoga.

Some of the students from my group classes need encouragement to practice over the break so they book a one to one yoga session with me in between each term.

I have been teaching for over 20 years and I have a higher level qualification in the Iyengar Yoga system that is required to teach one to one Yoga classes.

You’re welcome to try a one-off one to one yoga session- there’s no need to commit to more.

Benefits of One to One Yoga are sessions tailored to meet your individual needs.  For example, if you suffer from hip pain or back pain I can choose ways to work that will specifically target that area.  Working individually can help diagnose muscular and skeletal issues that may not get noticed in a class environment.  An individual adjustment can make a pose far more beneficial.

Students tell me one of the Benefits of One to One Yoga is that they then feel confident to practice on their own.

Likewise, with people suffering from anxiety and depression, the Benefits of One to One Yoga is the individual attention- certain poses are recommended and others are best avoided.

For many of us, Pranayama (yogic breathing) can be the most challenging part of a Yoga class.  In a group environment, it can be hard to fully concentrate on the breath.  Working individually many people feel they can achieve a deeper sense of relaxation.

I still meet people who are worried about how they would cope in a group Yoga class- a private yoga session or two can help boost their confidence.

Some students find the Benefits of One to One Yoga so huge that they then decide to continue individual Yoga sessions for years and years!