Well, half the yoga teachers in the world seem to do yoga holidays on the beach, don’t they?

Their adverts are often accompanied by pictures of them in very skimpy bikinis too!  Not something that I feel is suitable for spiritual practice, but that’s just my opinion.  To perform yoga asana we first need a firm base.  Unfortunately, a soft sandy beach does not give us the firm foundations we need.  However, have a look at this picture of me on the beach in Cuba.  (Please note no bikini shots!)

I found a lifeguard’s station made out of palm trees to use for Virabhadrasana 1 (warrior 1), which actually works quite well.  The front leg is helped to a right angle by resting on a crossbar and the trunk is helped to vertical by lifting up a vertical post.  The trick is getting the pubic bones in really close to keep the pelvis upright.  So it’s not impossible to do yoga on a sandy beach after all!