This Saturday, 10th August, I am teaching a 4 hour workshop in Hove.  Students have been asking me-  ‘will I be able to cope with 4 hours of Yoga?’   They seem to assume it will be a gruelling experience- one said it sounded like a marathon!   In reality it is the opposite- an opportunity to experience Yoga differently than in a class.

I have been trying to explain the differences between a class and a workshop.  There are some simple answers, for example, stiff bodies can have more time to warm up and may achieve far more than possible in a class situation.  In class we may have just over an hour to  go through a program and, I hope, we make gradual progress.  That progress can take years.  In a workshop we have the opportunity to learn more about why we are doing each pose and see how they link together.    The poses can be worked at in more depth.   We have time for questions.  It is harder to explain just how our understanding increases.  But I have found that the positive effects of poses and breath work over longer time spans can  be much greater.  It seems to me  as if the increasing of  the intelligence in the poses and in pranayama can permeate the body and mind more effectively.  I find as I then work more mindfully the time flies by and it really doesn’t seem that long.   So yes, you could do an Iyengar Yoga workshop.  If you come this Saturday you will also get a handy homework sheet to take away with you! You can book via my website: