exercise over 50

exercise over 50

Why exercise over 50?

Most of us understand that the quality of our later life will depend on our health.  So it is strange that we may have given our current health little thought.  Some of us put our health on a ‘to-do list’ when actually it should be a daily priority.  Exercise over 50 is an investment in your health for the rest of your life.

It is often in our 50’s when we start to suffer health problems as a result of lack of exercise, or the wrong type of exercise.  I am having a lot of ex runners come to class as their knees and hips can take no more.

Bad exercise over 50

Some people get a sudden spurt of enthusiasm, dig out their old trainers and go for a run, or a game of squash.  If you have not exercised for years this can be a very dangerous decision!  Running with bad posture takes its toll on our bodies.  The risk of injury or even heart attack has to be considered if we have not kept ourselves fit.  Swimming would be a better reintroduction to cardiovascular exercise, or pilates, or yoga.  But which is best to try and why?

Exercise over 50 and yoga

The great news is that yoga has amazing healing powers when it is performed carefully.  Those aches and pains you thought you had to now live with can often be cured.   As we get older we often become more understanding that “well being” is about more than how much we weigh.  Practising Yoga benefits our bodies and minds.  Because of this, Yoga is unlike any other form of exercise.   It also does not drain your body of energy.  It is also the only exercise that has a proven calming effect on the mind, leading to less stress in our day to day life.

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