As an Iyengar Yoga teacher I am trained to plan classes in a very specific, careful way.  No on line class planners for me!  I relish structuring each 5 week course to build up on key skills that develop students of every level.  I make sure we cover poses that will enrich what we already know, introduce further learning and occasionally challenge us too.

I would love to get feedback from my students to help me plan better my future courses.

The last 5 week course I taught had a slightly different aspect- each class ended with the same 6 or 7 restorative poses.

Sometimes we went through them quickly, sometimes we stayed longer.  Why did I do this?  Because that sequence was specially designed to release stress.  In our busy modern lives we all need to undo tension, whether we realise it or not.  So that sequence will benefit us all, especially students with adrenal issues, high blood pressure, headaches, anxiety and depression.  So please have a think, and let me know how you found it.  Please try to consider not simply whether you ‘liked’ it or not, rather whether you felt the benefit.  For example, some highly strung people really don’t enjoy lying down still for ten minutes.   But it could be exactly what they need…..