We know that Yoga is not like any ‘normal’ exercise- it affects the body and mind in a very different way.  But these differences build up with practice.  You can practice on your own, at home, for free.  I design homework sheets to help with this.  And it doesn’t have to be an ‘active’ sequence each time.  There are even special poses to do when we are sick.   So, ideally Yoga is practised everyday.  If we go to a class just once a week we will notice some changes, such as improved posture.  It is when we practice more often that we see more changes.  When I started Yoga  twenty years ago I did just one class a week for the first year, then two the second year and so on.

We’ve all heard people talk about how Yoga has changed their lives- but they find it hard to explain exactly how, so I thought, at risk of sounding silly, I would try:

So here’s a list of the changes I noticed in myself- some may sound a bit strange at first- and, of course, they could be very different for you:

1. When I started practising once a week I noticed my various aches and pains went away.

2. When I started practising twice a week I noticed my sleep improved.

3. When I started practising three times a week I no longer felt the need to smoke.

4. When I started practising four times a week I felt calmer and less stressed.

5. When I started practising five times a week I could concentrate more on everyday tasks.

6. When I started practising six times a week I started to think that maybe I wasn’t an atheist after all.

7. When I started practising seven times a week I felt I had a connection from within myself to the entire universe.