There seem to be a lot of different types of Yoga out there- it can be very confusing.   For people new to Yoga it can be especially confusing.  Spaces are springing up in cities kitted out with trapezes – what would have been called ‘Circus skills’ just a few years ago.  But as Yoga has become more popular, people are eager to piggyback on that popularity.  Many people I’m sure would enjoy circus skills: Just don’t call it Yoga. justdontcallityogaimage

When babies go to soft play areas sometimes it’s called ‘Baby Gym’ but we adults know it is nothing like a real gym, where people go on rowing machines and lift weights.  The Yoga comparisons are the same.  ‘Baby Yoga’ looks like a lot of fun- holding their feet as they stretch out to soothing music, but it is nothing like real Yoga.

There have been widely publicised events where people are sitting on mats with bottles of beer, cats, dogs, even goats!  I’m sure they are having lots of fun with their pets: Just don’t call it Yoga!

Some Pilates teachers are asked whether they teach Yoga too- so they dim the lights, play some soothing music, use a softer voice- very relaxing I’m sure, but it’s still Pilates: Just don’t call it Yoga…

I’ve noticed classes recently called ‘Mindful movement’.  I feel this is a very suitable term to use for activities where mindfulness and physical actions come together.  The teachers are not pretending it is Yoga.

If you want to know what sort of Yoga your teacher is qualified to teach, look for the logo, or the Certification mark, of the organisation they belong to.  Reputable Yoga organisations have centralised websites with more information about themselves and their teachers.  If the website or flyer hasn’t got a logo or trademark, it usually means they are not officially qualified or regulated by any Yoga organisation.  #JustDontCallItYoga