Too stiff to start Yoga?

Many prospective students would like to try Yoga, but they are worried they are too stiff to start Yoga.

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What is it best to do after Yoga classes?

Wouldn't it be great if we could go back to sit at our desks, or to sit in our cars, with a renewed sense of well being while still being mindful of our posture?   To notice we are less stressed with our colleagues, or less stressed with other car drivers.  If we try not to slump, but sit up straight, to be mindful of our movements, we can maintain that sense for longer.

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Why start Yoga this January?

Why start Yoga this January?  Perhaps you’ve been putting it off as you have some questions or concerns?

Let me try and reassure you- if after reading this you still have any questions then please feel free to ask!

I get asked lots of questions by new students every new year, such […]

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