Wouldn’t it be lovely if after yoga classes we could all go for a lovely walk along a beach?

But after Yoga classes some of us have to go back to work.  After a Yoga class some of us have to get in to cars and drive.  None of these things are ideal- but we have to do them.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could go back to sit at our desks, or to sit in our cars, with a renewed sense of well being while still being mindful of our posture?   To notice we are less stressed with our colleagues, or less stressed with other car drivers.  If we try not to slump, but sit up straight, to be mindful of our movements, we can maintain that sense for longer.

The work we have done in class should have created space within our bodies, and calmed our minds.  I feel it is important to maintain these sensations for as long as we can.

What should we not do after yoga classes?

However, if we were then to go off on a run, or even go to a zumba class, we would undo that work.  Sounds obvious doesn’t it ?  Believe it or not, I have seen students leave yoga classes and go to a zumba class!   I have seen students leave yoga classes and then go for a run.  All the good work that has been achieved is suddenly undone.  The same applies if we were to then slump at our desks or collapse into our car seats.  Yoga is unlike any other form of exercise in the healing properties it can produce.  By putting our bodies back under stress we can’t fully benefit from that healing.

So please be mindful after Yoga classes not to undo all that you have just achieved!