Why start Yoga this January?  Perhaps you’ve been putting it off as you have some questions or concerns?

Let me try and reassure you- if after reading this you still have any questions then please feel free to ask!

I get asked lots of questions by new students every new year, such as…

Is Yoga a bit like Pilates?  Well, yes it can be….it can strengthen your ‘core’ in the way Pilates tries to.

Is Yoga a bit like massage?  Well, yes it can be, you can feel your muscles have relaxed in a similar way to a massage, yet Yoga can give us energy too.

Is Yoga a bit like osteopathy?  Well, yes it can be,  you work to cure all sorts of muscular and skeletal problems.

Is Yoga cardio vascular?  Well, yes it can be, although you may not be leaping about much, your heart and lungs are strengthened through Yoga.

But Yoga is so much more than all of these things put together.  It is unique in the effect it has on the mind, so the day to day stresses of modern life are easier to deal with.  Practising even once a week can have this effect, which is amazing if you think about it.

Hopefully I have answered the question ‘why start yoga this January?’ If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

So why not give Yoga a try this year?  No two classes are ever the same in Iyengar Yoga, so to get a balanced overview it is best to try a short course.  My anna in sirsasana crane resort Barbados5 week courses start back in January, and there are just a few spaces left.

You can book via my classes page :http://annamacedoyoga.com/yogaclasses/

I teach Yoga classes, yoga courses and yoga workshops in Worthing and Horsham West Sussex.