coming to your first yoga classEvery new term they come, looking very worried!  The new students that have never tried Yoga before, and are really scared about what let may have let themselves in for….

I look forward to meeting new students.  I feel that teaching someone their first ever Yoga class is a great honour.  I love the way they watch every single thing you show them as if their life depended on it!  New students mimic my every move whereas more experienced students may just do their own thing.  New students listen to every word I say so carefully whereas more experienced students may think they already know.  So: really watching and really listening- what more could a teacher ask for? This is why I love teaching beginners Yoga!

This quality that beginners usually have is an openness to learn, an inquisitive mind and a thirst to know more.  It is a Zen mind!  So different from some of us that think we already know something, those of us that may judge a class only on something ‘extra’ we may gain.  I would rather teach beginners Yoga than teach the student that thinks they know it all!   As the famous saying goes, “it is hard to fill a vessel that is already full”….

I have been teaching Iyengar Yoga for 20 years now, I have done over 1000 hours of formal training, and I am qualified to teach all sorts of complicated poses to very experienced students, yet I never tire of teaching Yoga to beginners.  In Iyengar yoga we are learning yoga rather than just ‘doing’ Yoga, which is what beginners really need...I hope this has helped explain why I love teaching beginners Yoga.

So welcome to all the new students- I have new beginners courses starting at least 5 times a year in Horsham, West Sussex.  I can’t wait to meet you and teach you – and see you make progress every single week- you have nothing to fear!