Yoga workshops in horsham

I teach regular Iyengar Yoga workshops in Horsham, West Sussex at the lovely Tudor Tythe Barn on Pondtail road.   These are on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

I have been teaching Yoga workshops for about 20 years now, and I really enjoy it.  I usually choose a focus for the session based on the last term of classes that I have taught.  My regular students make up about half of the attendees.  They can then work more deeply on what we have covered in classes.  Some new students come to have a taster of what Iyengar Yoga is like.  And a few old friends with many years of practice travel some distance to come to them too.  So the ability levels can vary quite a bit, but it really doesn’t matter.

My speciality is teaching in a step by step way that is really clear.  So we approach a Yoga pose as a journey, learning each movement and action required.  Some of us may go further on that journey than others, but we are all working together.

What happens in a Yoga workshop?

We always start sitting, whilst I explain our focus for the next three hours.  At the last workshop, this meant around an hour of standing pose (asanas), around an hour of seated asanas, ending with an hour to cover shoulder stand, pranayama (yoga breathing) and relaxation.  I explain each pose before we try it.  I explain the actions we are attempting in the yoga breathing too.  We always end with a guided relaxation.   But no two workshops are ever the same.   You should leave a workshop feeling energised, not exhausted!

New students are always welcome; when you arrive you will be asked to fill out a short health questionnaire.

I’m very lucky- my workshops always sell out in advance!  So please do try to book well in advance.

Three hours costs £20

Yoga workshops in Horsham can be booked via my classes page: