A new year is a time to look back and reflect on our lives and ourselves.  Unfortunately, this reflection can often focus on the negative aspects rather than the positive.  Instead of being a positive thing, obsessing over our new years resolution can lead to self- obsession.

Turn the new year’s resolution negativity around

Making a list of your achievements can help turn this negativity around.  It is hard when are bombarded with images in the media suggesting how we should feel and look.  Comparing ourselves to others in this way can only lead to unhappiness.  We tell ourselves we have to start to practice yoga for an hour every day, when fifteen minutes may be more achievable.

The problem every new year

The problem I see every January is that we are drawn to extremes.  It would be so great for us and the environment if we could walk that 2 or 3 miles to work and back every day: instead we join an expensive gym (but rarely go)!

It would be great if we could drink moderately: instead, we give up alcohol just for January.  It would be great if we could allow ourselves to have just one treat a day: instead, we decide to give up all sugar.  Many of these things are not sustainable over time so we feel like failures.

Moderation in all things

Yoga has taught me to be moderate in all things: I didn’t know Yoga would do that- but it has.

So please don’t feel bad that your new year’s resolution has fizzled out- take it as an opportunity to make tiny changes that easily fit into your everyday life.  Even fifteen minutes of yoga practice every day can have a huge effect on us. Over time these small changes will have longer-lasting results and make us feel happier about ourselves too.

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