Are you thinking of starting Yoga in January?

Many people may be interested in starting Yoga in January  but don’t seem to know where to start.  My first piece of advice is to choose a local class that you can easily get to.  Secondly, try to find a teacher with as much experience as possible.   Then there is the question of yoga styles.  Iyengar yoga is seen by many as the most ‘westernised’ form as it has a logical and methodical approach without being ‘preachy’.  It is an ideal form of yoga for beginners as it is explained by the teacher in such a way that each pose is clearly understood.  Then the student can practice it carefully and learn more for future practice.  Some potential yoga students are worried that they may be a beginner while the rest of the class may have more experience.  I teach mixed ability classes as in the Iyengar method we come to class to learn, not just to run through what we already know, as we may do at home.  I have 20 years of experience of planning yoga classes carefully so everyone can achieve.

So what’s the difference between a beginner and a more experienced yoga student anyhow?

In my opinion, it’s more about attitude than experience.  Are you able to commit to attending regularly?  The yoga in January 2016 courses that I teach, run for 5 weeks- not too long to commit to.  Do you arrive to class on time and listen to instructions carefully?  Can you concentrate on what you are doing rather than watching the person next to you?  These aspects are more important than experience.  In Iyengar yoga classes we come to learn in a friendly environment, not to show off how bendy we may be.  So rest assured new students are always welcome, and you are in safe hands!

Does it really matter what type of Yoga I choose?

I think it is better to do some Yoga rather than no Yoga, but while the yoga field is still unregulated you need to choose carefully.  For starting Yoga in January I would recommend Iyengar yoga.  Its teachers have by far the most thorough training and continuous professional development – which is why so many professional sports teams choose it as the only method good enough for their players.

My course dates for Yoga in January are now up on my yoga classes pages