Would you like to try yoga at home?

Maybe you are unable to make it to yoga classes?

Maybe you forget what you’ve done in your yoga classes?  Students often ask me which yoga poses to do at home.

Did you know that even 15 minutes of  daily home yoga practice could benefit you more than attending a weekly class?

The kind people at Pen Yoga in Canada have collected 17 downloadable pdfs of suitable Iyengar Yoga sequences that you can print off and follow at home.  Here is the link:


Which yoga poses to do at home?

Please use your common sense….For example, don’t try headstand on your own if you have not been taught it before.  Try practising in front of a mirror to see if your pose resembles the picture on the practice sheet.   Remember you don’t need to go all the way into a pose, you can stop at a half way point.  Use folded blankets or towels to sit on if you don’t own yoga blocks.  Used this way these yoga home practice sheets can complement your work in class or be used on their own.   The yoga poses to do at home are the ones that you can safely practice without strain.

Good luck!