Tired all the time?

tired all the time? yoga can help!Did you know that doctors have a special way to record patients who say they are tired all the time?

They write ‘TATT’ on their notes.  It is considered so common, such an everyday complaint, that they have an abbreviation for it.  Unfortunately, you will not get much sympathy from doctors.   If there are no other health concerns, except feeling tired all the time, there is little doctors can do.  They may advise that you try and get ‘more exercise’.  But if you are feeling exhausted, that’s the last thing you want to hear.

Modern life is stressful.  People do long commutes to work, sit at a desk all day, and find it hard to find time to eat healthily.  Going to the gym can deplete scarce energy resources, and use up valuable leisure time.

The reason we feel tired all the time can be simple: we have only so much energy, we have only so many hours in a day, we may be asking ourselves to do too much for the energy we have, we may be trying to squeeze too much into the hours we have been given.  The logical conclusion: we will feel tired all the time!

The good news is Yoga is here to help!  Yoga is unique in the way it can boost the immune system and create energy within the body.  Going to the gym or for a run gives a quick hit of endorphins and adrenaline which is not the same as the slow-release energy that yoga creates.  If you learn Iyengar Yoga, you will be taught in a careful way that optimises the body’s energy.  It is not just restorative poses you require, but a range of techniques need to be learnt.  You can be taught specific poses to boost the immune system.  Once you are confident, you can then practice Iyengar  Yoga at home and boost your well being every day.

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