Did you know that Yoga helps menopause?

Recent studies have proven it!  A lot of women start Yoga in their 40’s and 50’s as they start to experience fatigue and hormonal fluctuations.  Many women have tried conventional treatments and realise that they only offer a short term solution.  Eventually menopause has to be faced!  A fast flowing yoga practice can actually exacerbate symptoms as it can generate too much heat.  A more cooling practice is recommended.  And certain poses are best avoided during hot flushes, while there are others that can reduce or eliminate hot flushes, when performed correctly.  This illustration by Amy Luwis shows a simple one you can try at home on your own.  It is very difficult to learn the correct techniques from a book, or even a video.  It is best taught by an experienced Iyengar Yoga teacher, who knows how to modify poses correctly.  Sometimes the poses can be incorporated into general classes, or you may prefer private tuition.

It is important that we see menopause as something entirely natural, and a new stage of our lives that is not to be feared.  Did you know it is part of the hormonal process to lay down extra fat on the abdomen in preparation for menopause?  That is because fat stores the hormone oestrogen.  Women need to use these oestrogen stores during menopause.  So it is actually beneficial to have a round belly!

Yoga helps menopause in other ways too.  When practised correctly Yoga can reduce cortisol, the stress hormone.  Yoga can helps with mood swings and improve sleep patterns.  So please seek out your local certified Iyengar yoga teacher, who will be able to help you.