As I am attempting to promote a new class, I find myself being asked what makes my classes different from all the other classes that are on offer?  Well, it’s quite hard to answer a question like that.  I’m going to post this to my Facebook page and I’m sure some of my students will have their own opinions which I’d love them to share with me!

I feel that my USP is that I started Yoga as probably the least likely sort of person to start Yoga- hardly a catchy phrase!  I had never been a gymnast, nor a dancer, in fact I bunked off sports at school to read poetry….If only my students could have seen a ‘before and after’ video of what my practice looked like 20 years ago.  But they can’t.  So maybe I should say my USP is that I was once a school teacher -so therefore have carefully crafted my courses to ensure progression etc…but that does sound a bit boring!  Or is my USP that I am actually just a normal person with a family and regular life that can share my knowledge of Yoga rather than one of those aloof spiritual (read grumpy) teachers out there?  Well, I think I’ll have to let my students decide!