Iyengar yoga teachers can seem a bit obsessed by your feet and what they are doing.  You may wonder why.  Other schools of yoga don’t seem that bothered, so why are we?  The feet are the foundation for our legs, then our hips, then the spine and then the rest of the body.  Some of us supinate our feet (when we lift our inner ankle bone too much and the weight rests on the outer foot).  Some of us pronate too much and the inner ankle bone drops.  Some of us can do both!  Unfortunately this affects our knees and our hips.  If not addressed this can then cause pelvic and spinal problems.  When we learn how to work our feet correctly it can be truly liberating!  Your Iyengar teacher will be able to look at your feet and help you.  Correctly working feet transform your yoga poses and transforms your posture too!