Here is a picture of me going into the pose. I am on tiptoes as I haven’t put my heels down yet. If you are ‘in the know’ you may see it is not a perfect pose! I need to walk my hands in closer to my feet (I’m working on it)!
But I am happy with it (for now) as my back is reasonably flat. What does a flat back mean? It means I am lifting my entire bodyweight using my arms and legs, not just by pinching my lower back. In my opinion, this pose is intended to teach us how to use the limbs more and the back, less. Many prettier photos of this pose are to be found online, but have a look at their lower backs! The ex gymnasts, ex dancers have a strong tendency to just lift from the point of least resistance. Their backs make a ‘V’ shape and that is not a healthy action. My advice is to start lifting up in Chatush Padasana, then place the hands without disturbing the base, then lift up on tiptoes. You should feel a strong stretch on the abdomen as it extends from pubic bones to collarbones. Once achieved, try walking the feet closer to the hands and then take the heels down. The front of the body will be like a tabletop, parallel to the ceiling. Why not get a friend to take a photo so you can see your pose for yourself?
This pose benefits the whole body and gives us energy, but don’t attempt if you are menstruating. Enjoy!