Yoga for Sports

Iyengar Yoga is renowned as a safe way of working, partly due to the use of props to help stiffer students.  Iyengar Yoga can help with many of the common complaints of sports people, from muscle tightness to more serious injuries.

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What Yoga equipment?

Iyengar Yoga is known for many things, one of which is its use of equipment, known as 'props'. What Yoga equipment do you really need?

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Yoga for children and teenagers

I teach yoga for children and teenagers- sometimes in family groups in their own homes.  Children aged 12 or over are welcome to come to any of my classes or workshops, with a parent or guardian. 

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Why I love teaching beginners Yoga

I look forward to meeting new students.  I feel that teaching someone their first ever Yoga class is a great honour.

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Tired all the time? Yoga can help!

Did you know that doctors have a special way to record patients who say they are tired all the time?

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Exercise over 50

Most of us understand that the quality of our later life will depend on our health.  So it is strange that we may have given our current health little thought.  Some of us put our health on a 'to-do list' when actually it should be a daily priority.  Exercise over 50 is an investment in your health for the rest of your life.

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New Horsham Yoga Class!

 This new Horsham yoga class will be aimed more towards beginners, however others are welcome to join us too.  We will work on yoga poses to stretch and calm us, some simple yoga breathing and relaxation.

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What is it best to do after Yoga classes?

Wouldn't it be great if we could go back to sit at our desks, or to sit in our cars, with a renewed sense of well being while still being mindful of our posture?   To notice we are less stressed with our colleagues, or less stressed with other car drivers.  If we try not to slump, but sit up straight, to be mindful of our movements, we can maintain that sense for longer.

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