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I am very passionate about Iyengar Yoga and passing on my knowledge to others. If you are interested in keeping up to date on Iyengar Yoga, you might find my Yoga Blog Posts interesting. I cover a range of subject matters which include Yoga Health Benefits, Yoga Tips, Yoga Improvements and more. You can read my Yoga Blog Posts below.

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Can you walk to yoga class?

Walking to class is a great warm up for the class itself. It will help you ease into the class more quickly.

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Why start Yoga this January?

Why start Yoga this January?  Perhaps you've been putting it off as you have some questions or concerns? Let me try and reassure you- if after reading this you still have any questions then please [...]

Hatha Yoga is the Yoga of Effort

There are 5 types of yoga: 1) Jnana Yoga, the Yoga of Knowledge, using meditation for Self-realization 2) Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of Devotion, seeking union with God as the Divine Father or Divine Mother [...]

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What are your arms doing in Yoga ? Gomukhasana

Gomukhasana- cow face pose- common problem This first image shows what I often see in class when we attempt this pose - students catching their hands- just because they can.   I admit [...]

A You tube Interview with Mr Iyengar

This shows Mr. Iyengar around 90 years of age having an informal chat with an American journalist.   It's in the library in the basement of the institute in Pune, where I spent many hours [...]

Do you know what your arms are doing in Yoga?

Urdhva Hastasana In class we often do this pose, Urdhva Hastasana, both arms stretching straight up.  It can lift the whole body and help us breathe.  Or it can seem like an [...]

Help with your home Yoga practice….

Please have a look at this website from a Canadian Yoga centre....the first page gives you 17 downloads of home practice sheets! Iyengar Yoga Trademark Logo

Yoga pose of the month!

I taught this pose in some depth last week and I intend to touch on it again over the next few weeks.  It looks deceptively simple- like a lot of Yoga poses!  We won't [...]

Workshop in Brighton on Sunday 9th March 2-5pm

Rather than focussing on one aspect, Anna will plan a sequence to balance the 5 elements in the body. These will build up to guided Pranayama and relaxation. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon! BNHC is [...]

It’s not too late to start Yoga this January!   It doesn't have to be a new years resolution- coming to a weekly class can easily be slipped into your schedule.  And yes, from just one class a week you [...]

What is my U. S. P. ?

As I am attempting to promote a new class, I find myself being asked what makes my classes different from all the other classes that are on offer?  Well, it's quite hard to answer a [...]

What is a ‘General class’ ?

All three of my evening classes are advertised as 'General', but what does that mean? It is another way of saying mixed ability, or suitable for all levels. So a complete beginner may find it [...]

Could you do a 4 hour Yoga workshop?

This Saturday, 10th August, I am teaching a 4 hour workshop in Hove.  Students have been asking me-  'will I be able to cope with 4 hours of Yoga?'   They seem to assume it [...]

Can’t I just practice the poses I like???

  This is a photo of me in Switzerland a few days ago doing Headstand.  I know a Yoga teacher shouldn't say this, but I've never really liked headstand.  But I do it nearly every [...]

Who gets adjusted in class and why?

Iyengar Yoga has a few aspects that differentiate our teachers from other schools of Yoga.   One is that we are trained over years on how to do physical adjustments to students with extreme care [...]

Aren’t bendy people best at Yoga?

No, not necessarily.  You see, Yoga is not contortion and nor is it gymnastics, although I can see why to the ordinary person some photos of Yoga positions could look similar ! It's not very [...]

Yoga pose of the week- Virabhadrasana 1

This week in all my classes I will be teaching this pose- also known as Warrior 1. It's a great pose for waking up the body- this especially happens around the pelvis. We are trying [...]