Rather than focussing on one aspect, Anna will plan a sequence to balance the 5
elements in the body. These will build up to guided Pranayama and relaxation.
Perfect for a Sunday afternoon! BNHC is a fully equipped venue so you can enjoy a
morning in Brighton without having to carry your equipment around!

Please cut and paste the information below if you’d like to come along to this event which is organised by the Iyengar Yoga institute of Sussex, you’ll need to post a cheque to the address in Lewes.

Alternatively print out the form from their website www.iiys.org.uk



I wish to attend the Yoga Afternoon with Anna Macedo on Sunday the 9th March 2014 at Brighton Natural Health Centre Regent Street, Brighton, BN1 1UL from 2-5pm.
I enclose my cheque for £12 (IIYS members), £15 (non IIYS members)
Address (with Postcode):
email: I am a member of IIYS: .Yes .No

Tel No:                            Date:                                                Signed:
Please send completed form with cheque payable to “IIYS” to: Sallie Sullivan, 21 Sun Street, Lewes, BN7 2QB
Further enquiries to Sallie on 01273 478271 or email [email protected]


• Cheques will not be banked until just before/after the event.

Tick box if you require an email receipt, OR enclose a SAE if you require a printed receipt or map (please state which or both).

For info on other IIYS events visit: www.iiys.org.uk
If you are experiencing financial hardship please write to: Brian Ingram, 51 Meadow Lane, Burgess Hill, RH15 9HZ with details.